Omelette Waffle


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 oz light cheese ( I use Trader Joe’s lite 3 cheese blend, 1oz is 2 points)
  • 3 slices precooked Hormel black label bacon slices or diced ham slices. (I use Hormel black label bacon slices from Sam’s club, 3 slices for 2 points)
  • Diced yellow onion, spinach, or any veggies of you choice
  • Salt and pepper


    In a mixing bowl combine, eggs, salt, pepper and whisk eggs until blended.
    Stir in cheese, bacon or ham, and veggies of your choice.
    Spray a waffle iron with non stick cooking spray and pour batter into preheated waffle iron.
    Top with fat free sour cream and hot sauce or salsa.

Servings: Makes 1 large omelette waffle / 4 Freestyle smart points per waffle.


Point value can vary depending on the brand of ingredients used.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Terri Gottenbos says:

    I saw this in my. Lean eating magazine. Very cool

    Terri Gottenbos



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