Two Ingredient Dough Video Demo

I’ve received a few requests to make a video for the two ingredient dough. I get told that the dough can be quite sticky and hard to work with. I wanted to share a few tips that hopefully will help.


P.S. This is my very first video demo so please be patient with me as I figure it out!

Thanks so much!

Click here for the pizza roller I used in the demo. It’s available on Amazon for under $5!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Annmarie says:

    That was so helpful!! I make such a flour mess with mine. I’m getting that roller asap. Thank you


  2. nancyabc says:

    Very good first video.
    All those little cooking tricks you’ve created will help me when I first try this.
    I also like the rolling pin I could see where a longer one could cause problems.


  3. Yvette Peckham says:

    For your first attempt you did fabulous! Loved it and love the pizza roller, I will have to remember to purchase it on my next Amazon shopping run. Keep the videos rolling and thank you for your recipes. I tried your Hasselback Jalapeño Chicken and it was fabulous.


    1. Pounddropper says:

      I sure appreciate the feedback! And I’m so happy to hear you loved the Hasselback jalapeño Chicken. That’s one of my favorites too. Thanks again!


  4. Terri Gottenbos says:

    Omg. You listened and did it!! You’re awesome. Thanks. Look forward to watching it.

    Terri Gottenbos



  5. Terri Gottenbos says:

    Yeah!!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! You made it look so easy. I make a total mess. Lol. Thank You!!


  6. EILEEN HAGEN says:

    Great video…thanks so much!


  7. Emie says:

    Thanks so much for the video… it’s good to actually see someone make it. Great job on the video!!!


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