Pound Dropper’s Recipe Ebook

#1 New Release in Low Fat Cooking!!

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Since hitting my weight goal, I’ve been pursing new goals as I enter another chapter in my weight loss journey. One of those goals is to continue to help others reach their fitness and weightloss goals.

For the past two months, when I haven’t been in the kitchen cooking or baking I’ve been turning my recipes into a recipe e-book. This recipe book is for healthy alternatives to everyday meals, which has over 60 of my most popular Weight Watchers Freestyle recipes. These are the recipes that I crafted and use regularly on my weight loss journey.

They are also the recipes that helped me lose over 92 pounds and get me to GOAL. I’m a firm believer that we can enjoy the foods we love to eat and still lose weight.

I have always been passionate in sharing my successes along with my recipes with others who are on a similar journey.

Now, you can OWN these recipes for as little as 16 cents per recipe. Owning this e-book allows you to have the recipes at your finger tips so you can reference them regularly without having to scroll through my entire Instagram or blog posts looking for a particular recipe.

I hope this will be a valuable tool for you on your journey as it has been for me.

Ths e-book is called “Pound Dropper. A recipe book for a healthy alternative for everyday cooking.”

All recipes include Freestyle Smart points.  I also included a shopping list for every recipe.

The ebook is available on any electronic device and you can download it on Amazon through this link. You don’t need a kindle to purchase the ebook. All you need is the free kindle app to access the download after purchasing it online through Amazon.

For those interested in a printable PDF file you can purchase it directly from me via PayPal.  Click the PayPal button below and please include the email address in the note section on where you’d PDF recipe file sent to.


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